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  • Over 50 rental operators on the same digital channel
  • Largest offering on the equipment rental industry in Finland
  • Site facilities, Scaffolding, Aerial platforms, Heavy machinery and all Tools
  • Traffic control and waste dumpsters
  • Also laptops and printers for even a short time rent
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Aerial platforms


Heavy machinery


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Waste management

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Skanska (english)

Skanska Rental can offer any equipment for construction pros including shoring and large cranes. Strong expertise due to being part of the Skanska Group. Many depots guarantee quick deliveries.

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Kallioinen Rent (english)

Kallioinen Rent is known for cranes, heavy machinery and aerial lifts, but they can also deliver almost all kind of equipment to job sites.


Ramudden (eng)

Ramudden has strong expertise in the traffic control. You are able to book planning, permissions, equipment, installation and transport services with eRENT. Ramudden offers also job site fencing and ground heating.


Wihuri Witraktor CAT (eng)

Witraktor Cat Rental Store rents world’s biggest manufacturer Caterpillar’s heavy equipment in sizes 1-37 tons. Also aggregates are offered on our platform.


Jalo & Jalo (english)

Jalo&Jalo is a well known player in the aerial platforms and lifting platforms  sector with operations nationally.

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RealMachinery (english)

RealMachinery offers all heavy machinery for infrastructure projects and also aerial platforms for all construction sites.


Powerlift (eng)

Powerlift is a fast growing aerial platform operator, which handles all transports with their own trucks.


Rentlift (eng)

Rentlift is a specialist in aerial platforms with a long experience on the industry. Rentlift has over 40 different types of lifts on their fleet.

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Helsingin Rakennuskonevuokraamo (eng)

Helsingin Rakennuskonevuokraamo is offering all equipment and always with a transport service.


Trafino (english)

Trafino is offering all equipment needed for traffic control. Also planning and large solutions can be ordered on our platform.


N Rent (eng)

N Rent is part of the Nostokonepalvelu Oy and has a large offering of aerial platform. Also crane services can be booked on eRENT’s platform.


J. Helaakoski (eng)

Nostopalvelu J. Helaakoski offers aerial platforms and telehandlers for all needs. Also crane services can be booked on eRENT’s platform.

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Konerent Oy (english)

Konerent has units in Turku and Helsinki and can offer all equipment to all projects. Konerent also has a large stock of scaffolding on offer.

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SRKV Oy (english)

SRKV Salon Rakennuskonevuokraamo has a lot to offer for small and large projects. Delivery to Turku area offered with competitive transport fees.


Haksa (eng)

Haksa is known for scaffolding, sheltering and lifting. But remember also ask for an offer if you need fencing, site offices, containers or elevators.


Kuuskuljetus (eng)

Kuuskuljetus offers services for transports, haulings and lifting of all needs.


Uudenmaan vaihtolavakuljetus (eng)

Uudenmaan Vaihtolavakuljetus offers all waste dumpsters to all sites. Emptying can be easily ordered on our service with one click. No more phone calls for emptying requests.


EKO Partnerit (english)

Eko Partnerit offer all waste management solutions to job sites. Request for emptying the dumpster can be done on our service in a minute.

Ekox Finland (english)

Ekox rents used IT hardware, that is laptops, PCs, screens, scanners and printers. Devices can be rented installed and connected to a local network. Also short time renting is possible.

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