Tracking can be used both with desktop and mobile devices. You have always a clear picture of what you own, where it is and who is using it.

  • You can track any asset on our service
  • Every item has its own product card
  • Product card includes also service log
  • Reminders for planned maintenance activities
  • Current and earlier locations are shown on a map view
  • Our NFC/QG-tags connect products to the service
  • Location updated from the phone
  • Our IoT-trackers locate themselves automatically
  • Every location has its own equipment list
  • Product are automatically sorted to categories
  • Also mass equipment tracking is possible


Web Rental Portal is at your disposal 24/7. You can book equipment anywhere anytime.

  • You can rent anything your project needs
  • You’ll find all machinery, site facilities, scaffolding, aerial platforms, security products, etc.
  • Also waste dumpsters with emptying request on our service
  • IT hardware for even a short time rent
  • Offer requests to several suppliers in a minute
  • Offers are received on the service and booking can be done with a few clicks
  • After booking tracking is automatically activated
  • All rental equipment is listed on the sites’ equipment lists
  • Service requests for all devices
  • Big picture of all equipment usage always at use

Contact us

Do you also want to digitalize your equipment management? Fill in your contact details on the form and get free access to our Web Rental Portal. In case you are also interested in tracking your own devices, please tell us how many units you would like to follow up. We will then be able to give you an offer with monthly price.