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Our support team takes care of new users’ onboarding and supports all our customers and partners with bidding, ordering, return calls, etc. If you want to spare time, also equipment fleet inventory can be done as a service. You can reach our support team easily by phone, email or chat.

The Story

eRENT is a digital equipment management company. We wanted to make the same fundamental change to the construction industry as Trivago and other platforms have done to the travel industry. We believe that in the very near future equipment is no longer booked by phone but on the web. It is obvious that there are huge possibilities to improve the productivity of construction processes and spare time used in managing equipment on the sites.

As a startup we are operating independently with no ownership by rental operators or construction companies. We connect the owners and users of the equipment and create genuine win win-value to both our partners and customers.

Our team consists of service industry and IT professionals. The company is owned by management and several angel investors. Our technology has been developed together with construction industry pros and it combines IoT-tracking and Rental Platform into an easy to use package. With it we help our customers to maximize the output of their own, leased and rented fleet of equipment.

Our unique Rental Platform integrates 50 rental depots’ supply and expertise into the same digital channel, which is the best in class on the industry. The largest network in the nation guarantees always the availability and the best market price. The owned fleet of equipment is managed on the same view with the rented fleet, which maximizes efficient use of all resources. Other solutions are not needed. Construction equipment went digital – by eRENT.

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Do you also want to digitalize your equipment management? Fill in your contact details on the form and get free access to our Web Rental Portal. In case you are also interested in tracking your own devices, please tell us how many units you would like to follow up. We will then be able to give you an offer with monthly price.