Construction equipment went digital

Get bids and place orders with many rental operators on the web 24/7. Follow up your own devices with digital tags.


Total solution

Manage your own, leased and rented fleet of equipment.


Spare time

Forget all hassle and focus on the core duties.


Maximize the output

Minimize loss rates and unnecessary investments on new assets.


All equipment on the same service. See the video and get the idea!

Our partners

% savings.

Our customers are seeing significant savings on their equipment costs due to the increased productivity. The usage rates go up and loss rates dip to almost zero. Time used for asset management is minimal compared to the old fashion way. 

Since renting with eRENT is so easy, it is not anymore wise to invest in own devices, but to maximize the rental fleet. Investments in own fleet decrease rapidly. It is even possible to outsource all equipment to many suppliers, since availability and the best market price are always guaranteed.



  1. Positioning with NFC/QR-tags and IoT-trackers

  2. Locations on a map view

  3. Product lifecycle management

FROM € 75,00/month


  1. Offer requests and orders to many rental operators

  2. Tracking side by side with your own devices

  3. Return calls and service requests


The company

Our story

eRENT is a digital equipment management company. Our unique technology has been developed together with construction industry pros and it combines IoT-tracking and Web Rental Portal into an easy to use package. With it we help our customers to maximize the output of their own, leased and rented fleet of equipment.


We wanted to create a completely new way of working with all equipment. You can forget searching for tools, missed service calls and phone calling to several rental operators. With eRENT you have digital asset management and web rental at your disposal 24/7 anywhere.

Contact us

Do you also want to digitalize your equipment management? Fill in your contact details on the form and get free access to our Web Rental Portal. In case you are also interested in tracking your own devices, please tell us how many units you would like to follow up. We will then be able to give you an offer with monthly price.